• Since the inception of the The Yemen Dairy & Food Products Industries (Yemany) food production line (which consists of a variety of milk brands, high quality juices, legumes plus drinking water and soft drinks). Yemany has been focussed on maintaining the highest possible quality levels in all of our products. These quality standards are met at every stage of the supply chain. This has led to great success; not only domestically in the Republic of Yemen, but also internationally in a number of export markets. The secret to our success is… quality

    Our History
    The company was founded in 1978 and since then the company has continued to utilize the latest technology sourced from Sweden, Germany and Italy. These production lines are recognized globally for their efficiency in production but also in regards to the packaging of; dairy, juice, legumes, water and cola drinks..More..
    Our Experience
    Our Products
    Yemany is now one of the most prominent food manufacturers in the region. As such Yemany provides a variety of different food products which are specially designed to meet the needs of its customers.More..
    Our Future Plans
    Yemany continues to strive to be a pioneer in the space of manufacturing of both drink and food products. This is accomplished through utilising the latest machinery, along with high-tech production equipment. This is further enhanced through a commitment to employing only the most experienced and highly qualified staff available.  More..
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